As European countries have acted cautiously in blaming Iran for the devastating attacks against Saudi oil installations, France’s foreign minister said on Thursday a claim from Yemen’s Houthi rebels they were responsible is “not very credible”.

“Yemen’s rebels have announced they have triggered this attack. That is not very credible, relatively speaking,” the minister, Jean-Yves Le Drian, told C News television.

“There is an international investigation, let’s wait for its results. I don’t have a specific opinion before these results”, he said, adding the investigation into the Saudi oil attacks will be fast.

Later, a defense ministry spokesman said France has sent seven military experts to investigate this weekend’s attacks on Saudi oil facilities, including specialists in explosives, missile trajectory and ground-to-air defense systems.

The Trump administration and Saudi Arabia have clearly pointed the finger at Iran for the Sept. 14 missile and drone raids, which hit the world’s biggest crude oil processing facility and initially knocked out half of Saudi output.

Iran, which supports the Houthi group, has denied any involvement in the attacks and insists it was a Houthi retaliation against Saudi bombings of Yemen.

Meanwhile, Houthi forces on Wednesday threatened attacks on the United Arab Emirates, which has been an ally of Saudi Arabia in Yemen’s war.

“To the Emirati regime we say only one operation (of ours) would cost you dearly,” Yahya Saria, the military spokesman for the Iran-aligned movement, said in a televised speech.

“Today and for the first time we announce that we have dozens of targets within our range in the UAE, some are in Abu Dhabi and can be attacked at any time.”

Source » radiofarda