Iran regime’s nuclear threat more dangerous than North Korea’s

Iran’s nuclear threat is becoming more and more menacing as time passes. Some analysts say that the threat posed by North Korea and its very recent hydrogen bomb testing that allegedly was more powerful than first thought is not as great as that of Iran.

North Korea is behind international tensions, and Iran could be the next country responsible for even more. Critics who say that North Korea is far more advanced in its nuclear program than Iran are correct, however we must not fall into the trap of underestimating its capability.

The Iranian regime is pursuing its ambitions in the most treacherous ways possible. It has proven itself to be untrustworthy and deceptive many times in the past few decades. And the international community is partly to blame for this because it has not punished the regime for its horrific crimes against humanity, its spread of fundamentalism and so on.

The survival of the Iranian regime depends on aggressiveness and meddling in the region. It has profited from the Iran-Iraq war in the eighties. It revelled in the aftermath of the September 11th attacks in New York City with wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. It is now stirring up trouble in Yemen and Syria.

Iran is not pursuing its nuclear program for defensive reasons. Iran is focused on ensuring it establishes a land-bridge that will reach the Mediterranean allowing it to easily transport troops, arms, supplies, etc., to its militias scattered all over the region.

As well as its nuclear potential, it must not be forgotten that Iran is rich in resources. For example, it has one of the world’s largest crude oil reserves and the second largest natural gas reserves.

Iran is also a very large country with more than 80 million inhabitants, making it one of the largest in the Middle East. Compared to North Korea’s 25 million, Iran has a larger potential workforce.

The United States has now just imposed the toughest sanctions to date on North Korea, who looks set to lose some of its strongest allies. The Trump administration has shown that it is not afraid to act harshly with North Korea, and it is already preparing to do this with regards to Iran too.

The Trump administration wants to ensure that any strategy with regards to Iran is aggressive.

Analysts and experts have many differing opinions on how this should be done, but it is clear that proper inspections of Iran’s nuclear and military sites need to be carried out. This is even more essential now that the Supreme Leader’s representatives told the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), the UN nuclear watchdog, that access will be denied.

These checks need to be carried out. It is very clear that Iran has got something to hide if it is denying inspections. It is likely that the leaders of Iran are not too keen to let inspectors find proof that Iran is not adhering to the terms of the 2015 nuclear deal.

The UN should also urge Iran to halt all ballistic missile tests and the international community should ensure that Iran stops supporting terrorism and improves its human rights situation at home.

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