Rapid increase in addiction among the Iranian women

The head of the Iranian regime’s welfare organization announced that 4.5 percent of the Iranian population is addicted to narcotics. According to the state-run Alef (A) news agency on 13 September 2017, Anoushirvan Mohseni Bandpei said: “In our country, 4.5 percent of the population between the ages of 15 and 64 are drug users.”

Regarding the high rate of growth of addiction statistics among Iranian women, Mohseni Bandpei added: “In the society, for age 15 to 29, for every 6.6 male one woman, and age 30-44 for 15.7 men a woman, and age 45 to 66 for every 16.6 men one woman is addicted and, of course, we are witnessing addiction among children.”

Parviz Afshar, the spokesman for the Drug Control Headquarters, announced in June 2017 that 2.8 million Iranians were drug addicts.

The clerical regime refrains from raising actual statistics on this issue, and the existence of parallel organs and institutions has made it impossible to trust the official statistics provided by the regime’s agents.

These statistics are continually denied or modified by other regime entities.

Earlier and on 23 June 2015, Ali Hashemi, head of the Independent Counter Narcotics Committee of the Expediency Council, said there are four million official drug users in Iran. According to Hashemi, 15 million people in Iranian households are addicted, and 100 people per day are added to the number of drug users.

Hassan Nowroozi, a spokesman for the Judiciary and Legal Commission of the Iranian Parliament, just before the final approval of the plan for distributing narcotics by the government, said: “We have obliged the government to provide washy drugs to drug addicts, so that instead of getting drugs from drug traffickers, they come to the system and go through formal channels to meet their needs.”

Source » ncr-iran

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