The Iranian Regime is selling off human organs, likely harvested from the most vulnerable in society, through ads on state-run websites and Telegram channels that appear at first glance to be selling cars and home appliances.

One website specialising in the sale of kidneys ( works under the name of a “comprehensive organ donors’ bank” and the website administrator communicates with customers through Telegram and Soroush Messenger – an app developed by the Regime that spies on its users.

According to those who have sold their kidneys, they were forced to sign consent forms that they could not read and were paid around $3,000 for their organs. Reporters from Iran News Wire found out that the organs were then sold on for around $21,000, with the Iranian Regime pocketing the profit.

The live donors interviewed by Iran News Wire were all aged 17-40 and 60% of them had higher education degrees; some even in engineering or foreign languages, but they had lost their jobs due to the Iranian economic collapse. Many of them cited poverty as their main reason for selling their organs, citing family breakdown and loss of home as contributing factors. Many of the 80 respondents had contemplated or attempted suicide.

Arash, a 23-year-old father, is selling his liver and cornea to pay for his child’s medicine.

He said: “I know that it will have heavy consequences for me. Our lives were wasted. I hope that our children will at least have a better life.”

Other donors were injured and could not work or did not have insurance to cover their businesses, while others needed the money to get married or pay for their university fees.

One woman from Tehran said that she was renting out her womb in addition to selling her kidney, in order to make enough money to look after her six-year-old daughter. Those who rent out their wombs can make around $115 a month.

Nikoo Amini wrote on Iran News Wire: “Of course body organ transplantation is one of the most valuable human advances in the field of medicine, while the donation of body organs to those in need is a selfless and admirable act.”

However, these donations in Iran are not voluntary. People are being tricked into it by the Regime and forced into it by growing poverty in the country. With the rial losing a third of its value this year alone, people are desperate and the Iranian Regime is preying on that. The mullahs are making huge profits from the people’s poverty.

Source » ncr-iran