In a meeting between the Iranian leader Sayyed Ali Khamenei and the Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, Khamenei remarked that “the successful experience of the two countries showed that the only way to face these pressures [from the United States] is resistance.”

“Your Excellency and the people of Venezuela’s resistance is very commendable because it enhances the dignity, value, and merits of a nation, a country and its leaders, and because of this, today the US perspective of Venezuela is different as compared to the past,” said Khamenei, pointing to the victory of the Venezuelan government in facing the multi-faceted war against the United States and their draconian sanctions.

He also spoke of the scientific and technological progress and initiatives that Iran has made in recent years, maintaining that these progresses were made at a time when the toughest sanctions were imposed on the country, calling it the “maximum pressure campaign.”

The resistance of the Iranian people defeated the campaign of maximum pressure, that even US officials described it as a “disgraceful defeat,” according to the leader.

“The success of the two nations of Iran and Venezuela proved that the only way to tackle the pressures is to resist and be steadfast, while the cooperation and relations between the Islamic Republic of Iran and the government of Venezuela should be strengthened and tightened.”

20-year cooperation

The Iranian leader welcomed the inking of a 20-year cooperation plan between Iran and Venezuela during the latter’s visit in Tehran, saying, “Long-term cooperation requires follow-ups on agreements and their implementation.”

He also praised Maduro’s anti-“Israel” stances, and said “your recent stances against the Zionist regime were very genuine and brave.”

Today, the Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi praised Tehran-Caracas strategic connections and expressed confidence that the two nations will deepen their collaboration in the future.

On his part, the Venezuelan President expressed gratitude toward Iranian support for Venezuelans in their struggle against US pressure.

The US, according to Maduro, has waged a war of attrition against the people of Venezuela, however, the Venezuelans were strong enough to resist and seize every opportunity to counterattack US invasion and sanctions.

“But we were able to resist and take advantage of the opportunities that the sanctions gave to us to launch a full-scale counterattack against the US invasion, and now the situation in Venezuela is better than it was a few years ago,” President Maduro said.

“We are drawing up a detailed roadmap for cooperation with Iran in various fields, science and technology areas in particular,” referring to the talks in Tehran and the signing of the 20-year cooperation.

Maduro, addressing the Palestinian issue, said his country considers the Palestinin cause a sacred issue, confirming that because Venezuela adopts this viewpoint, “Israel” continues to plot against the country through the Mossad.

Source » almayadeen