Increased public executions in Iran

Trying to prevent the public protests by intensifying the atmosphere of terror and intimidation in the society on the eve of the Islamic holy month of Muharram, Iranian regime has increased the public executions in various streets and prisons of the country.

Just between September 12 and 20, five prisoners, including a 27-year-old youth in Islamabad, another prisoner in Anbarabad city in Kerman province, (September 12), a prisoner in Modarres Blvd in Ilam (September 17), a prisoner at the the Salmas municipality square (September 14), as well as another prisoner in Pars Abad, Moghan, in Ardebil province, were hanged in front of the public eyes.

Meanwhile, six prisoners were hanged in the prisons of Ardebil, Boroujerd, Khorramabad, Mashad and Zanjan on September 18 and 18. A female prisoner was among the executed on September 18. On September 19, a 23-year-old man was executed while he was sentenced to three years in prison for robbery, but was sentenced to death in a new pumped up charge.

he henchmen hanged him along with another prisoner, while their hands and feet were in the chain. On the order of the criminal prosecutor of Ardabil, about 50 prisoners had to watch the execution scene of their cellmates.

In another event, 13 prisoners were transferred to solitary confinement cells of Gohardasht Prison since Saturday September 18, for execution.

The Iranian Resistance calls on the international human rights organizations to urgently and effectively stop the executions of those prisoners on the verge of death, and insists that the greatest thieves and the greatest killers and criminals of Iranian history are Khamenei and the ruling fascist gangs, who, without any accountability, continue their plunder and crimes for the past 38 years. Therefore, Khamenei and other leaders of the mullahs’ regime must be brought to justice for serious and systematic violations of human rights and collective and arbitrary executions, and this is why their case should be referred to the International Criminal Court by the UN Security Council.

Source » ncr-iran

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