The unemployment situation in Iran is at a critical juncture

The minister of labor, co-operation and social welfare of the Iranian regime, said that unemployment in Iran reached 3.4 million people and acknowledged that the Iranian economy does not have “the capacity” to solve this problem.

According to the News Network on Monday September 18, Rabiee said, “our economy does not have the strength and capacity to create 1.4 million jobs annually”, and there is a problem “with supply and demand, unemployment and employment.”

He stated that in demand for employment in Iran, “for years, we had a negative growth, and we had 60 percent growth deficit, which added a lot of problems.”

Rabiee added that we currently have “about 3 million and 400 thousand unemployed people. If the people who enter job market do not succeed, this number will increase.”

He did not specify the criteria used to calculate the number of the unemployed, but according to the definition of the Center for the Statistics of the regime, all people who are ten years old or more who have worked for at least one hour per week or who have temporarily left the job are considered to be employed.

Earlier, Nematollah Mirfallah Nassiri, head of the Center for Statistics and Strategic Information at the Ministry of Co-operation, Labor and Social Welfare, said that according to the International Labor Organization (ILO) criteria, the unemployment situation in Iran is at a critical juncture.

Also on March 14, 2017, Omid Ali Parsa, head of the Center for Statistics, announced that half of the active population in Iran between 2011 and 2016 had been unemployed, simultaneous with the publication of the preliminary results of the population census of 2016.

While Hassan Rouhani has declared the main goal of his government to reduce unemployment and job creation, experts believe that under his control apparatus has not succeeded in solving this problem.

According to the Mehr state-run news agency, 900,000 people have been added to the population of 600,000 people seeking employment in the 2000’s.

Source » ncr-iran

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