13 Executions in one day in Iran

Resistance calls on all international human rights authorities and organizations, in particular the High Commissioner for Human Rights, the Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in Iran, and the reporters on arbitrary executions and torture, to condemn the clerical regime for executions and medieval punishments, such as hand amputation. It also calls on the international community, especially the European Union and the United States, to sanction the mullahs’ regime from committing these brutal punishments. The leaders of the barbarism ruling Iran, who are the disgrace for contemporary humanity, must be rejected from the family of nations and brought to justice.

The hangmen ruling Iran executed 33 prisoners only in the period of September 12 to 20. On Sept. 21, they also amputated the hands of three prisoners on charges of robbery in Qom Prison. Thirteen prisoners were executed only on Wednesday, September 20 in Qom and Gohardasht prisons in Karaj, the central prison of Karaj, and the central prison of Qazvin (Chubin Dar). And two public executions were carried out in the cities of Aq Qala (Golestan province) and Pars Abad of Moghan (Ardebil province ).

Between 12 and 19 September, 20 other detainees, including a female prisoner, were executed in Khorramabad, Karaj, Ardebil, Tabriz, Mashhad, Borujerd, Zanjan and Kerman prisons. Four of them were executed publicly in the cities of Islamabad Gharb, Anbarabad, Ilam and Salmas. Yadullah Movahhed, the head of regime’s judiciary Kerman, called the five executed prisoners in the city “the cause for insecurity and wickedness.”

Resorting to executions and arrest of people on the charges such as smuggling drugs and robbery is happening while the biggest thieves in Iran’s history are the leaders of the ruling regime whose astronomical and chain thefts are the constant issues of internal struggle among the factions of this regime, and the drug traffickers in Iran and many countries of the world from Canada and the United States to various European countries to Far East Asia and Australia are controlled by Khamenei, the supreme leader of the regime, and the Revolutionary Guards.

Source » ncr-iran

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