Bahraini Hezbollah terror network set up on Iran’s regime orders

A major terrorist network operating in Bahrain was established through direct orders from leaders within the Iranian regime, it was revealed yesterday.

The organisation named the Bahraini Hizbollah was formed after the orders were given to members of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC), the most powerful and heavily armed military force in the country.

Three major terrorist groups – Saraya Al Ashtar (Al Ashtar Brigades), Saraya Al Mukhtar (The Chosen Brigades) and Saraya Al Muqawama Al Sha’abya (Popular Resistance Brigades) – operated under the network and have taken responsibility for a number of deadly attacks on security forces in Bahrain.

An investigation into the terrorist network was completed by the Public Prosecution, which yesterday announced that 169 people have been identified as members of the organisation.

It also said that 111 of the defendants are in police custody and will stand trial in the High Criminal Court on October 3, while the rest will be tried in absentia.

They have been charged with joining the terrorist organisation, carrying out terrorist attacks, receiving militia training abroad in Iran, Iraq and Lebanon, and storing weapons and explosives, while some have also been accused of heading and funding the group.


Terror Crime Prosecution chief advocate general Ahmed Al Hammadi said that “leaders within the Iranian regime” ordered the IRGC to form the terror network to operate as a Bahrain branch of Hizbollah, an Iran backed terrorist organisation based in Lebanon.

“The Public Prosecution received a notification from the Criminal Investigation Directorate about a terrorist organisation formed in Bahrain,” he said in a statement issued yesterday.

“Leaders within the Iranian regime gave orders to members of the IRGC to unite terrorist cells in Bahrain.

“Leaders of these terrorist cells then met with their counterparts in Iran and co-ordinated with terrorists abroad.

“Members of the terrorist cells received funding and training to help them form one main organisation under the name ‘Bahraini Hizbollah’.

“They also received training on how to set up weapons and explosives depot, smuggle bombs and firearms, and use dead drops to deliver money and weapons to members of the illicit group.

“The defendants will stand trial in court based on their confessions, statements from prosecution witnesses, evidence and the investigation.”

The defendants have also been accused of carrying out attacks targeting policemen and key establishments in Bahrain, in addition to plotting assassinations.

Their homes have been searched by authorities along with the places used to store weapons and explosives.


In January this year, Interior Minister Shaikh Rashid bin Abdulla Al Khalifa said that three main terrorist groups operating in the country – Saraya Al Ashtar, Saraya Al Mukhtar and Saraya Al Muqawama Al Sha’abya – were collectively known as ‘Bahraini Hizbollah’.

He said at the time that key suspects accused of masterminding these groups and orchestrating a number of attacks have fled the country, mainly to Iran, and were being hunted by international policing organisations.

The GDN previously reported that Saraya Al Ashtar and Saraya Al Mukhtar, which have both been designated as terrorist organisations by the US and the UK, have in the past claimed responsibility for a spate of fatal terrorist attacks in Bahrain.

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