Iran regime’s mercenaries fighting in Syria

Security officials in Afghanistan and Pakistan have revealed that the Iranian regime has increased the armed thugs needed by the regime to fight in Syria.

Reported sources in Islamabad, Pakistan, said the Iranian regime pays about $600 a month for foreigners, according to a November 22 television news agency Sky News Arabiya on September 22. There are concerns that these people will return to their countries facing a critical situation.

Thousands of Afghans and Pakistanis have gone to Iran during the Syria war.

The ruling regime in Iran, with its sectarian origin, has recruited thousands of people under the pretext of supporting the Shiite leaders’ shrines to use them at any time for the war in Syria.

According to intelligence reports, the Iranian regime has recruited nearly 6,000 Afghans. Most of these people are affiliated with the Fatimid Brigade and are trained by the Revolutionary Guards.
Pakistanis, estimated at hundreds, are affiliated with the Zeynabioun Brigade, and are also trained by the Revolutionary Guards.

Members of these two groups receive about $600 a month and they are promised that more will be done for them in the future.

In Islamabad, like Kabul, the country’s intelligence agency says Pakistan has witnessed several explosions in which terrorist groups have claimed responsibility and claimed retaliation for the crimes of Bashar al-Assad, the Iranian regime and the militants affiliated to this regime against Syrians.

Islamabad is worried that if the war in Syria goes down, they will return to Pakistan and take action of sabotage.

Source » ncr-iran

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