Another five years imprisonment for spokesman of teachers association in Iran

Relatives of the imprisoned spokesperson of Teachers’ Association said that the Iranian judiciary confirmed the recent five-year prison sentence for this guild activist.

Mahmoud Beheshti Langroudi is currently spending his pervious prison sentence in Evin prison in Tehran. According to his son, his total sentencing reaches 14 years of imprisonment.

Abuzar Beheshti Langroudi, son of the imprisoned Teachers Association spokesman, in an interview with the ‘Radio Farda’, said that the five-years prison sentence recently confirmed by the judiciary concerns the arrest of Mr. Beheshti in September 2015.

He noted that the spokesman for the Teachers’ Association had three other arrest warrants in the years of 2004, 2007 and 2010, in connection to which he received four years of suspended sentence and five years of imprisonment, and now his total sentences reach 14 years.

Mr Beheshti’s suspended sentence is related to his arrest in March 2007. This guild activist received five years imprisonment in 2010 for protesting the status of Rasoul Bodaghi, another imprisoned teacher.

Mr. Beheshti’s son said that the charges that were repeated in the indictments against him include allegations such as “gathering and collusion against national security and propaganda against the system.”

He reminded that his father started his activities since 1999 and his activities were entirely guild related activities.

Fearing the escalation of social protests he Iranian regime’s security and police forces deal harshly with the guild activists and gatherings and several guild activists of various classes have been repeatedly arrested and imprisoned in Iran.

On September 3rd this year, two international labor and teachers unions jointly criticized the crackdown on trade union activists in Iran.

Mr. Beheshti, a few days ago, in a letter referring to his 10-minute trial without a lawyer, announced that some judges “instead of judging a fair trial” only “sign the sentences handed down to them by the security forces.”

Last week, a spokesman for the Iranian judiciary claimed that Mahmoud Beheshti was sentenced to five years in prison for “security offenses”.

Officials of the Iranian regime use the term “security charges” on charges of political activists, journalists and trade union activists, and some judiciary officials have said they do not recognize political offenses.

Source » ncr-iran

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