North Korea is taking tips from Iran about blackmailing the international community

Experts on the Iran nuclear deal have said that the 2015 agreement between Iran and major world powers is responsible, in part, for the current North Korea nuclear crisis.

The Iran nuclear deal, led by former US President Barack Obama, resulted in the Iranian regime getting access to around $150 billion. The majority of international sanctions against the Islamic Republic were lifted and it was granted large contracts so that its manufacturing and technical capabilities could be developed.

North Korea is now taking to blackmailing the international community because it has seen that it pays off. Like the Iranian regime’s threats to destroy Israel, North Korea has threatened to do the same to Japan. It has followed up the threats by sending two missile tests over the country, leaving the world with no doubt that North Korea is serious.

So the Trump administration can now either come to some sort of agreement with North Korea like the Obama administration did with Iran. Or, it can scrap the Iran nuclear deal and find another way to curb the nuclear threat from both countries.

Trump recently alluded to the two threats in his United Nations General Assembly speech last week, as has the US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley. She said that the threat from Iran will soon be as serious as that of North Korea.

Many have said that there are more risks than benefits of scrapping the nuclear deal, as Trump has warned he would do. If the deal is scrapped, it sends a message to North Korea that the US cannot be trusted to honour its promises.

Haley has suggested that one way to move forward is to amend it in such a way that the Iranian regime cannot covertly work on its nuclear program. She said that Iran’s belligerence in the Middle East also need to be incorporated in the deal. Iran is involved in many conflicts across the Middle East and it using proxies and militias to further its agenda.

By 15th October, Trump has to have made a decision about whether Iran is going to certify Iran as compliant with the nuclear deal. If he decides not to grant Iran compliance, Congress will have sixty days to decide whether the crippling sanctions that were in place before the nuclear deal was signed will be reapplied.

The Iranian regime has said that it will resume its military nuclear program if any sanctions are reimposed. It also threatened to produce highly enriched uranium.

Other nations in the region, including the Gulf countries are sitting back, helpless, observing what will happen next because they do not have the means or resources to curb the threat.

Many of the Gulf nations thought that the deal was a positive move, but the end result was more than disappointing because essentially just changes Iran’s breakout date rather than putting a stop to it.

Whatever the next course of action is, one thing is sure – Trump is determined to not let Iran get away with the belligerence that Obama turned a blind eye to.

Source » ncr-iran

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