Simultaneous with Hassan Rouhani’s speech at the UN General Assembly, the ruling religious fascism hanged ten prisoners, including a woman, in Gohardasht, Orumiyeh and Sanandaj prisons on 25 and 26 of September.

On Thursday, the mullahs’ henchmen hanged female prisoners Leila Zarafshan in the western city of Sanandaj. Rauf Azadi-khah, Shahab-Aldin Mohammad-pour, and Ebrahim Ahmadi-pour were hanged in Orumiyeh. On Wednesday, September 25, six additional prisoners were hanged in Gohardasht prison.

Constant group hanging and arbitrary executions by the mullahs’ regime even when Rouhani was at the UN session in New York, indicates that the regime is in power only through suppression and execution. It cannot go on without abandoning the medieval practice for a single day.

The Iranian Resistance calls on the UN Secretary-General, UN High commissioner on Human Rights and all human rights organizations to condemn group hanging and arbitrary executions in Iran. It also reiterates the need for the expulsion of the regime from UN and referral of its crimes’ dossier to the UN Security Council.

Source » ncr-iran