IsarGaran multi-purpose cooperative company

Chand Manzooreh Isargaran Co.Oil & Gas Industry

۱۰۰ ۱۱۰/۱۴۹۸

Honorable Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance

Peace and blessings be upon the souls of the martyrs, precious Islamic Iran.

Respectfully, I, Alireza Amoui Qumati, son of Mohammad Sadegh, with the national number 0069586731, am one of the successful and successful economic activists and businessmen of this country, who have been working for a long time in the multi-purpose companies of the country’s self-sacrifices.

At this time, when we have been subjected to the cruel sanctions of foreigners and envious enemies, I considered it my duty, in line with the orders of the Supreme Leader in the year of the production leap, with the intention of assisting in the production and infrastructure of the country, and for this purpose, from the resources I will transfer the money under my control abroad to the personal account of Haghir so that it can be used for production and construction projects in deprived areas and other needed areas, under the supervision of supervisory departments.

Currently, a part of this capital worth two hundred thousand billion in the form of Rials is included in the server system of Masht and National Banks in my personal account, which is waiting for the order of His Highness for loading. It is worth mentioning that all peripheral tools for loading such as bandwidth, internet speed, etc. are acceptable and capable

Therefore, it is necessary to obtain and implement the necessary orders.

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