Iran’s army unveils homegrown military gears

Iran’s Army Ground Forces on Sunday unveiled a number of homegrown high-tech military gears produced by the experts of the country, state TV reported.

Among the military hardware is a robot, named Caracal, that can carry light to semi-heavy weaponry.

The robot has been designed for ground warfare, with a top speed of 30 kilometers per hour and an operating range that exceeds 500 meters.

Caracal is equipped with an independent suspension system, smart remote control mechanism, laser rangefinder and an optical system.

Also, the missile launcher Hadaf-2 was introduced at the unveiling ceremony which has a canister capable of holding and firing two missiles at the same time.

The launcher can be used for rapid deployment purposes and is fitted with an automatic leveler that can help it identify the best possible location for deployment.

The Ground Forces also showcased the Gohar 4WD vehicle that is empowered to carry as much as 500 kilograms off-road, and travel as far as 700 kilometers at a maximum speed of 120 kilometers per hour.

Gohar can also travel across 70-grade lengthwise and 35-grade edgewise slopes and wade into waters that run 80 centimeters deep.

A relief and rescue robot dubbed Masih and a new tank carrier were also among the hardware unveiled by the army on Sunday. Enditem

Source » xinhuanet

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