Iran threatens to the US: “You are not safe”

Iran have issued a shocking war threat to the US amid heightened tensions with Donald Trump, directly threatening American tools in the Middle East if Washington does anything “wrong”.

Iranian cleric Ayatollah Mohammadali Movahedi Kermani said the US regional bases would not remain secure if Trump sought confrontation with Tehran.

“If America does anything wrong, their bases around Iran would not remain secure,” the Friday prayer leader said.

He did not elaborate, but Tehran has warned Washington in the past against any military confrontation.

War fears have raged between the US and Iran after Trump’s axing of the so-called nuclear deal and the reintroduction of US sanctions.

Trump laid into Iran in a speech at the UN, and warned even more sanctions are to come as tensions rise in the Middle East.

Iran and the US have both issued each other strong warnings – including a tweet in all capital letters from Trump.

The nuclear deal had been in place to stop Iran developing nukes in exchange for relaxed sanctions.

Trump’s administration however has claimed the deal was too soft and allowed Iran to balloon its military budget and develop missiles.

Tehran has threatened to blockade the Gulf if the US continues to ratchet up sanctions – and have turned to the EU to keep the deal alive.

Iran warned earlier this year that if European nations do not pick up the slack from the US, then it will proceed with development of nukes.

Israel also last night accused Iran of stockpiling nuclear weapons in violation of the nuclear deal.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu described on Thursday what he said was a secret atomic warehouse in Tehran.

He accused Europe of appeasing Iran as he sought to rally support for US sanctions against the Islamic Republic.

Speaking at the UN this week, Trump said: “This horrible, one-sided deal allowed Iran to continue its path towards a bomb and gave the regime a cash lifeline when they needed it the most.

“They were in big, big trouble. They needed cash. We gave it to them.”

Trump said Iran’s leaders “sow chaos, death and destruction,” so other nations should join his “economic pressure” campaign.

His fiery speeches however appeared to have backfired – as the US was disputed by European leaders including Prime Minister Theresa May and French leader Emmanuel Macron.

Iran claimed victory at the UN against Trump – claiming the US was heading towards “isolation”.

Iranian leader Hassan Rouhani said: “Nobody backed the United States, putting America into a unique historical and political isolation.”

He added: “All in the hall laughed. America achieved nothing at the General Assembly.”

Tehran today also at Saudi Arabia, warning it was ready to “cross the red line” as regional tensions are feared to explode in the Middle East.

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