Makeup, tattoos, and the wearing of high-heeled shoes and boots have been officially banned by Allameh Tabatabai University in Tehran.

It is the latest institution in the country to adhere to new rules restricting students as the new academic year begins. The university’s regulations prohibit the wearing of short scarves, shawls, and hats without veils for students.

The university has made formal the new regulations, including banning “unconventional jewelry in body parts such as the nose, tongue, lips, and eyebrows is strictly forbidden.” It also states that students are not permitted to wear “tunics, form-fitting attire, see-through clothing, support undergarments, ripped clothing.”

A warning has also been issued, stating that individuals failing to comply with the regulations will face disciplinary actions.

During the Women’s Life Freedom movement, universities played a significant role as centers of protest. In addition to extensive student demonstrations, many students opted not to adhere to mandatory hijab rules on campus. The protests were met with severe suppression, including physical violence against the students, resulting in harsh penalties for many including campus bans.

Source » iranintl