A 55-year-old woman self-immolated yesterday due to retirement complications in Qazvin, northwest of Tehran.

According to the state-run ILNA News Agency, the woman was a healthcare employee of Social Security and was planning to retire. A colleague of hers said she was pursuing retirement due to her hard work conditions.

The Social Security Organization allows retirement after 25 years of paying insurance, and a 50 million tomans (about $1,764) fee paid to the organization. However, some people are not allowed to retire despite this, and the Social Security Organization allows their retirement after 30 years of work.

This includes employees of the Social Security Organization.

This is the second case of self-immolation this week. On September 22, a workers’ wife self-immolated since her husband had not received wages for five months in Dehdasht, western Iran. The worker was identified as 39-year-old Mohammad Javad Erfani, a municipality worker in Dehdasht.

“The cause of her self-immolation was poverty. Some of my colleagues leave their subsidy cards at the bakers so they can ‘borrow’ bread for their family since their wages have not been paid,” Mohammad said.

Source » irannewswire