While simply owning a Bible while in the country of Iran can put a person in jail, people are taking the chance to smuggle them in to instill hope.

“We have two people living at our home right now whose friends were sentenced to six years in prison for having a Bible. There’s a real concern. And yet there’s a real zeal and desire for freedom,” says a Christian ministry worker, named *Joe.

He, alongside a team of people, help smuggle Bibles into the country of Iran, according to Mission Network News. The Bibles are mixed in with other contraband when they cross the border, carried by smugglers.

“They do this as a business,” says Joe. “We’re not concerned about them turning anyone in because that’s their business. They don’t want to lose money.”

With many Christians hiding in plain sight, Joe and the team distribute the Bibles to their network.

“They also distribute into other networks of believers that we haven’t met. They use secure drop-off points where no one meets each other so that they can be secure themselves.”

The Bibles are distributed as physical books as well as on SD cards for easier transport and access.

Joe understands that he is breaking Iranian law by distributing Bibles, but he’s not afraid to do so.

“We’re supposed to render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and to God the things that are God’s. Whenever Caesar starts opposing God and His love, I’m willing to step beyond Caesar at that point.”

According to Joe, Iranians have been receiving God’s message of hope with gratitude.

“I believe it’s due to the oppression and the persecution that they’ve endured. They’re rebelling, and within that rebellion, they meet Christ Jesus. They feel freedom and the love of God.”

Source » chvnradio