A delegation of the Iranian military is visiting the Kurdistan Region on Tuesday to follow on the implementation of the Baghdad-Iran security agreement to move the Kurdish-Iranian militant groups away from the borders.

The delegation met their Iraqi counterparts at Haji Omaran border crossing in northern Erbil province. The military officials are set to conduct their meetings in Erbil city, Kurdistan 24 has learned.

The visit comes as Iraqi National Security Advisor Qassem Al-Araji and Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) Minister of Interior Reber Ahmed visited Tehran on Sunday.

Iraq’s top security officials have conducted several visits to Kurdistan Region for the same purpose.

The United Nations has also been part of the discussions.

Iran has previously bombarded the Region’s border areas and alleged positions of the militant groups, saying the Kurdish fighters were behind the Sept. 2022 protests sparked by the death of Mahsa (Zhina) Amini, a Kurdish girl, who died in Iranian police custody after her detention over “violating” the country’s dress code.

Kurdistan Region officials have said on many occasions that they do not allow any group to threaten Iranian national security from within the Kurdish region.

Should the Iraqi government fail to move the forces away from the border by Sept. 19, Tehran has forewarned it would resume its drone and artillery shelling against the suspected positions of the Kurdish forces inside the Kurdistan Region, which had witnessed rounds of attacks last year.

Source » kurdistan24