The Iranian Army on Tuesday launched a massive war game involving a broad range of military unmanned aircraft.

The drone drill is participated by troops from the four units of the Army, namely the Ground Force, Navy, Air Force and Air Defense Force.

The commander of the joint war game said around 200 various drones have taken part in the drill.

The exercise is held all over Iran, from the Persian Gulf waters to the northern regions, Rear Admiral Habibollah Sayyari said.

He noted that the patrol and reconnaissance drones carried out missions along the country’s borders on Tuesday morning and took images from the war game zones.

The Army has flown diverse homegrown drones, including Chamrosh, Yasir, Sadeq, Pelican, Ababil, Kaman-12, Yazdan, and Mohajer to control the land, sea and air borders as well as the international waters, the general stated.

He also noted that the Army has set up the ‘Zolfaqar’ headquarters as the command and control center of drone operations, considering the strong growth in the drone capabilities of the Army and the need to coordinate the flights within a single network.

Iran has made great progress in the drone industry in recent years.

In August, the spokesperson for the Defense Ministry said a number of European countries have asked to purchase Iran’s unmanned aerial vehicles.

Source » tasnimnews