The second court session for the lawyer representing Mahsa Amini’s family continues.

Saleh Nikbakht, 72, is facing charges of “anti-system propaganda” in a branch of the Revolutionary Court in Tehran, according to the Kurdistan Human Rights Network.

Mahsa Amini’s death in morality police custody sparked the last year of uprising which has rocked the regime to its core.

The initial court session for Nikbakht took place in August, during which he was accused of the charges stemming from his interviews, including one discussing the legal aspects of Mahsa Amini’s case.

Ali Rezaei, Saleh Nikbakht’s attorney, revealed that the court was adjourned to a later date because the judge insisted on hearing the Ministry of Intelligence expert’s opinion, who is also a complainant in the case.

During that session, Nikbakht refuted the allegations and criticized the formation of the case as being contrary to the law. He had previously raised objections to the forensic report attributing Amini’s death to a “heart attack” and an “underlying disease.”

He had called for a “reinvestigation and the establishment of a new committee with the presence of respected and trusted medical professionals from the country’s medical community.”

Additionally, nine interviews conducted by Nikbakht between 2019 and 2023, covering topics such as the challenges faced by Kolbars and confrontations between security forces and Afghans, have been included as “evidence” in his case.

Source » iranintl