Political prisoner Hamidreza Amini was sentenced to 11 years behind bars and paying fine. The verdict was issued by the notorious judge Salavati, the head of Branch 15, Tehran’s Revolutionary Court.
He was denied access to counsel of his choice based on a controversial clause in the country’s Criminal Procedures Regulations.
Hamidreza Amini was sentenced to five years in prison for “collusion and assembly against national security,” one year for “spreading propaganda against the state,” and two years for “insulting the Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei.”
Another court has sentenced Mr. Amini to pay fine for “spreading lies and disturbing public opinion.”
Hamidreza Amini was arrested in late 2017 and was given a death sentence for “insulting sanctities,” which was commuted to three years in prison. Amini’s only crime was to write blogs on the internet as a user by the name of Ariobarzanes, one of the Persian heroic figures who led the Battle of the Persian Gate against Macedonian King Alexander the Great in the winter of 330 BC.

Source » iran-hrm