According to collected reports by sources affiliated with the Iranian Resistance in September, there were at least 340 recorded protests in 109 cities.

Teachers held 145 protests in 57 cities, workers held 65 protests in 26 cities, pensioners held 15 protests in eight cities and defrauded creditors held seven protests in three cities. Other protests included bazaar merchants who held two protests, students who held two protests, truck drivers who held two protests, and farmers who gathered once. Poultry farmers, doctors, and taxi drivers gathered once. Other sectors also held 90 protests in 48 cities.

Among prisoners, there were eight hunger strikes in two cities.


Teachers staged 145 protests in 57 cities in the month of September. They gathered to express their economic grievances, implementation of the ranking system, employment status, among other demands.


Workers held 65 protest gatherings in 26 cities in September. Protesting workers included petrochemical, oil and energy workers, miners, and municipality workers, among others. They demanded their unpaid wages, the shutdown of factories, among other economic grievances.


Pensioners gathered in 15 protests in eight cities in the month of September. They demanded higher pensions and protested to their trampled rights.

Defrauded Creditors

Iranian defrauded creditors staged seven protests in September and expressed their economic woes in Tehran, Amin, and Ramhormoz in the southwestern province of Khuzestan, Iran.
Other sectors

Bazaar merchants held two gatherings to express their economic woes in September. Students also gathered twice in Mashhad, northeastern Iran to protest the increase of their tuitions.

Truck drivers staged two protests in Tehran and Javin, northwest of Tehran. Other protests included gatherings by farmers, poultry farmers, doctors, and taxi drivers, among others.

Locals in several cities also protested to lack of gas, blackouts, water shortages, and other economic grievances.
Protests to executions and prisoners killed under torture

In Isfahan, central Iran, 200 locals gathered to protest the execution of Abbasqoli Salehi after 20 years of prison.

In late September, family and friends of Amirhossein Hatami, traveled 800km from Ilam western Iran to the Greater Tehran Prison to protest his death. Amirhossein was killed on September 23 in the Greater Tehran Prison under torture by prison agents.

Source » irannewswire