North Korean paper carries article on Iran’s new weapons

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North Korea’s official newspaper on Monday ran an article on Iran’s upgraded submarine-launched missile and other weapons systems amid speculation that Pyongyang could unveil its own “new strategic weapon” during a military parade to mark this week’s key national anniversary.

Quoting recent state media reports in Teheran, the Rodong Sinmun said that Iran succeeded in improving the range of Jask-II cruise missiles that can be launched from the Middle East country’s homegrown Fateh submarine.

The paper also mentioned Iran’s new homegrown radar systems dubbed Soroush and Misaq.

It is not rare for North Korean media to carry articles about Iran’s new weapons. North Korea and Iran are presumed to have maintained close ties in missile development since the 1980s.

The latest report, however, draws attention amid speculation that North Korea might unveil a “new strategic weapon” during a military parade expected to be held on Saturday when the country is to celebrate the 75th party founding anniversary.

Observers say that the North could roll out an upgraded intercontinental ballistic missile or submarine-launched ballistic missile this week

Source » koreaherald

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