Iran’s Supreme Leader on Thursday said Iran must deliver a slap and defeat America by defeating sanctions.

In a speech before thousands of members of the Basij militia and top Revolutionary Guards leaders in Tehran, Ayatollah Ali Khamanei said the people of Iran face a sensitive time because of the pressure from America and economic problems.

“With the kindness of God we will defeat sanctions and the defeat of sanctions is the defeat of America,” Khamenei declared, according to Reuters.

“And America must receive another slap from the people of Iran with the defeat of sanctions,” he added.

US President Donald Trump withdrew in May from the 2015 nuclear deal between Iran and world powers. He signed an executive order officially reinstating US sanctions against Iran.

Additional US sanctions targeting Iran’s oil and shipping industries will go into effect on November 4.

The move has resulted in increased tensions between the US and Iran. While Trump has indicated he is open for talks without preconditions with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, the Iranian leader has dismissed Washington’s call for new nuclear negotiations at the same time as it reimposes sanctions on his country.

“The situation of the nation, region and world is sensitive, especially for us the people of Iran,” Khamenei said on Thursday.

“Sensitive in this respect that on one hand we have the shouting of the arrogant powers and politicians of imperialist America…on another hand the economic problems of the nation and the tightness of the livelihood of a large portion of the weak people in the country,” he added.

The Iranian rial has lost approximately 75 percent of its value since the beginning of 2018.

Source » israelnationalnews