Germany’s current efforts to maintain its trade with Iran evokes memories of the early 1960’s, when West German scientists, many of whom worked for Hitler’s Third Reich, developed rockets for Egypt’s dictator Gamal Abdul Nasser, aiming to destroy the Jewish state. That was barely 18 years after the Holocaust, perpetrated by Nazi Germany against European Jewry. The likes of Dr. Wolfgang Pilz, who helped Werner Von Braun develop the V1 and V2 rockets which terrorized Britain during WWII, was among those scientists seeking to help the Egyptian dictator “finish off the Jews.” Others included Eugen Saenger, who worked the last years of the Third Reich developing the world’s first jet-fighter, and rocket man Paul Goercke, to name a few. They developed the “Al Kahir” Egyptian rocket with a range of 370 miles, a range that included all of Israel.

Now, the German government, under the leadership of Chancellor Angela Merkel, is aiding and abetting the theocratic regime of the Ayatollahs, also known as the Islamic Republic of Iran, whose declared goal is to obliterate the Jewish state. As a fresh reminder to Merkel of Germany’s role in providing Israel’s enemies with the means to potentially destroy the Jewish state, Iran launched missiles into Syria which carried the meter-long inscription “Death to Israel and Death to the USA.” Iran retaliated for the attack on its military parade last week in the city of Ahwaz, which killed 25 people. Ahwaz is the capital of Khuzestan, where its Arab majority is in a state of rebellion against its occupation by the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Julian Ropcke, the Foreign Policy editor of the mass-circulation Bild newspaper (1,580,977 daily in 2018) wrote last week (October 1, 2018) “This Iran cannot at this time be an ally. Neither in the fight against terrorism, nor as an oil supplier or trade partner.” He pointed out that Iran’s rockets were not fired against the Islamic State terrorists, “rather against those who stand in the way of the corrupt regime in Tehran. Against those who do not want to stand inactively by when Iran’s leader again and again propagates the ‘extermination of Israel.’”

Germany, along with France and Britain (signatories to the nuclear deal with Iran), are seeking ways to evade the U.S. sanctions on Iran. They have been working with the European Commission and the EU’s diplomatic service on a planned funding channel for Iran. Germany, France and Britain are seeking to create a finance mechanism to aid the Ayatollahs ahead of the second wave of U.S. sanctions scheduled for November that is aimed at Iran’s oil exports.

Germany, along with the EU, is blatantly appeasing the murderous regime in Tehran at Israel’s expense. They are providing the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) the real power in Iran, with the means to expand its terrorist activities worldwide, and build ever more sophisticated ballistic missiles that can reach Israel, and will surely reach Europe in no time. Berlin is using the pretext of saving the nuclear deal as a panacea against a nuclearized Iran. Yet, Germany and the other signatories to the JCPOA (Joint Comprehensive Plan Of Action) have refrained from demanding aggressive inspections of Iran’s military sites, where the real work on developing Iran’s nuclear arsenal is being done. Neither Germany nor the EU have made any efforts to push the mullahs to end their ballistic missile development.

Germany is supporting Iran’s murderous totalitarian regime whose notorious human rights violations it ignores. Berlin shuts its eyes to the Iranian regime terrorizing and murdering its own people, while at the same time preaching human rights to the Saudis over their actions in Yemen. Merkel’s excuse for the nuclear deal with Iran is that it will prevent a catastrophic war. Yet, Iran is a partner in perpetrating the greatest humanitarian catastrophe in the 21st Century (the war in Syria), along with the Assad regime and Russia. Germany, it appears, is willing to serve as Iran’s ‘human shield’ against the U.S. Given its Nazi totalitarian experience, Germany should know better than trusting a totalitarian regime like Iran, to abide by the nuclear deal. Germany’s excuse for preserving the nuclear deal is rather lame at best.

The Bild newspaper called for the complete end of business deals with the Islamic Republic of Iran. Angela Merkel and her foreign minister Heiko Maas support the EU’s “Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV)” that would allow financial transactions with Iran, and would thwart the U.S. sanctions on Iran’s energy and financial systems. According to the Jerusalem Post, “Germany’s federal government provides credit insurance guarantees to companies that want to conduct business with Iran.”

The primary factor in Merkel’s willingness to back a genocidal Iran rather than stand in solidarity with Israel is greed, and much more, something like latent anti-Semitism that still pervades German society. Germans seek to purge the pathological guilt associated with the crimes of the Nazis by blaming Jews for war crimes. The Israeli psychoanalyst Zvi Rex, in a flash of biting historical sarcasm, reduced Adorno and Horkheimer’s theory of ‘guilt-defensiveness anti-Semitism’ to a single profound sentence: “The Germans will never forgive the Jews for Auschwitz.”

In economic terms, Germany’s trade with Iran is insignificant compared to its trade with the U.S. and Israel. In 2017, it exported 2,972,082,000 Euros worth of merchandize to Iran, while exports to Israel in Euros amounted to 4,344,665,000, almost twice the exports to Iran. The U.S. was the number 1 importer of German goods at 111,495,269,000 Euros. Yet Germany is willing to jeopardize its relations with the U.S. and endanger Israel to preserve its relations with a murderous regime like Iran. Approximately 120 German companies operate inside the Islamic Republic, and 10,000 German businesses trade with Iran.

Dr. Josef Schuster, head of the Central Council of Jews in Germany was quoted by the U.S. Embassy in Berlin as saying, “I endorse the immediate stop to any economic relations with Iran. Any trade with Iran means a benefit for radical terrorist forces, and a hazard and destabilization for the region.” Dr. Schuster has pointed out that, “It seems paradoxical that Germany – as a country that is said to have learned from its horrendous past and which has a strong commitment to fight anti-Semitism – is one of the strongest economic partners of a regime [Tehran] that is blatantly denying the Holocaust and abusing human rights on a daily basis. Besides, Germany has included Israel’s security as a part of its raison d’être. As a matter of course this should exclude doing business with a fanatic dictatorship that is calling for Israel’s destruction, pursuing nuclear weapons and financing terror organizations around the world.”

Merkel and Maas (who claimed that he entered politics “because of Auschwitz”) along with most of the mainstream German media, ignored Schuster’s plea. Yet, today’s Germany is protecting its merchants of death (A Bild exposé revealed that a German company (Krempel) sold materials to Iran that included components used in Iranian rockets to gas Syrian civilians in January and February 2018) who are providing Iran with the means to pursue its quest to annihilate the Jewish State. It is reminiscent of the 1960’s when Germany protected its Nazi scientists in Egypt who built rockets for Nasser. The hypocrisy and cynicism in Germany’s behavior is glaring.

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