Iran utilizes two more long-range radar systems

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A report in Iran reveals that the Revolutionary Guard Corps has started operating two more long-range “Qadir” radar systems in Yazd and Kerman. The two radar systems will join a network that will be made up eight systems of this type of radar that is capable, according to estimates, to detect F-35 stealth fighters.

According to reports in Iran, the radar is capable of picking up signals from a distance of 1,100 km and from an altitude of 300km. The first radar of this type was unveiled in 2011. It is a system from the Over-The-Horizon (OTH) family. It is a radar that operates in VHF, HF or UHF ranges to identify targets from afar. Radar using these ranges is less precise than short-range radar, but its goal is to enable early identification of threats, and transfer targets to the discovery and identification system made up of a number of layers.

Previous reports claimed that Iran acquired a number of Rezonans-NE radar systems from Russia in the past. A Russian report even claimed that these radars were able to identify American F-35 fighters that flew close to Iran.

According to a report by imp_navigator, in 2019 Iran started using four systems of this type, two Russian and two, apparently, developed by Iran. The same report claimed that it was actually the same kind of radar. In other words, Iran’s Qadir radar is a copy of the Russian Rezonans-NE. It is not clear whether these radars were purchased from Russia and assembled in Iran, or manufactured in Iran under Russian license.

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