Hunger strike prisoner in Iran under torture

An inmate who was subjected to beating and torture in central prison of Ardebil – Northwestern Iran, for two weeks has staged hunger strike in protest.

According to reports, the prisoner, Moslem Shiri, has begun his hunger strike since October 2nd in protest to the continued use of torture by the prison officials.

The prisoner, who is charged with murder, was transferred to external quarantine section of the prison on September 18 by the head of the Ardebil prison’s ward 1, Farhad Norouzi, and has been subjected to beating and torture since then.

On October 2, 2017, the prisoner was transferred from external quarantine to the prison’s internal quarantine section but the torture and mistreatment continued by Norouzi and other prison officials.

The head of the prison, who is also a relative of the victim, is constantly and continuously harassing this prisoner with long and hard solitary confinement and beating, and apparently intends to kill him under torture since he has told inmate that your punishment is not death by hanging, but a gradual death and I kill you and your voice will not go anywhere.

Moslem Shiri was arrested on 20 September 2009 on charges of murder in Ardebil. He has been waiting for death sentence for eight years.

According to informed sources, Moslem Shiri has been taken to the prison’s outside quarantine section from time to time and tortured for a few days and sometimes up to one month in solitary confinement. He told his cellmates that he was subjected to torture in August for 24 days after being transferred to the quarantine, such that his hands were closed from behind, his legs were squeezed and tied into a pillar so that he could not protect himself in any way form the lashes and torture inflicted on him.

Source » ncr-iran

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