The US state Department published a report on Iranian funding of Hizbullah, Assad, the Shiite militias and various terrorist organizations.

Talking about unprecedented and detailed description of the intervention in the Affairs of the region.

The 48-page report lists the amounts allocated for the support of Hizbullah, Assad and the operation of the Forces of al-Quds across the globe, as well as the development of the new missiles and cyber warfare.

Since 2012, Iran spent 16 billion dollars to support terrorist organizations in Iraq, Yemen, Lebanon, the PA and Gaza.

The main recipient of Iranian assistance, Syria’s President Assad, which has 4.6 billion dollars. “Hezbollah” allocated 700 million to Hamas and “Islamic Jihad” – 100 million.

The report States that Iran has for many years violated international limitations, and is developing ballistic missiles with a range of more than 2 thousand kilometers. The missile can carry a nuclear warhead. Missiles of this type are passed to the Houthi rebels in Yemen.

Source » stopru