The US State Department has revealed that the Iranian regime had spent more than $18 billion over the past eight years to support terrorism in Iraq, Syria and Yemen.

The report, published by US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Tuesday, said that the mullahs and the Quds Force under Iran’s Revolutionary Guards had transferred the money in ‘twisted’ ways to militias and groups fighting on its behalf in the region.

The report, prepared by the special working group on Iran at the State Department, contains details of the destructive behavior of the Iranian regime in the region through funding and supporting terrorism, pursuing the missile program, attempts to avert sanctions, posing threats to maritime traffic and security, violations of human rights and damage to environment.

He pointed to Iran’s provision of continued sheltering of members of Al-Qaeda and facilitating their stay and travel so that the the terrorist outfit could transfer fighters and funds to Syria and regions in South Asia.

“As the Iranian people struggle, the mullah regime had squandered more than $18 billion since 2012 to support Al-Assad and his partners and agents in Syria, Iraq and Yemen,” Pompeo said in a tweet on his Twitter account.

Iran has acknowledged the spending of billions of dollars in Syria as well as its sacrifice of thousands of troops to safeguard the Assad regime.

Yahya Rahim Safavi, top military adviser of Iran’s supreme leader, said that his country is trying to compensate these losses through the revenues of oil, gas and phosphate in Syria.

Source » saudigazette