Poverty rages in the southwest of Iran. In some areas, students study in outdoor schools and extreme cold which is even painful to imagine.

Schools are heated by burning firewood, and teachers are burning the firewood in the classrooms to fight the cold, although they are aware of its dangers, but they have no other choice to escape the cold.

According to the state-run Fars news agency on October 8, in one of the villages of Masjed Soleyman (Tachel village), students are studying in a class made with rocks and mud which is not a condition.

The news agency admits that “Other schools in these areas are far worse than Tachel’s school, and in some places there is no roof for children, and these children have to study in the extreme cold of the Zagros Mountains, which is even painful to imagine.”

Relevant government institutions have not done anything to improve the situation over these years.

A local resident says about the condition of the schools in these areas: “There are 20 schools in this region of which only 5 schools have a semi build or ruined building made of only stone which may collapse on the head of the students at any time. Of course, other schools in the area do not have any structure or building and not even that erosive structure. Some students study in sheds (hut), some in tents, and some in the open air areas!”

Fars news agency adds: “It was just here that we realized that the school of Tachel Village was the best school in the area!”

Cold is a big problem facing the people of the region because of the lack of oil and gas. These people are burning firewood to provide heating for their homes and to meet their cooking needs.

This problem has also taken over the schools, and teachers are struggling with cold weather in the classrooms. Although they are aware of its danger, there are no other ways to escape the cold but to burn firewood in the classroom.

The problem of children does not end in school; the poverty of their families is so much that they cannot afford to buy clothes and shoes for their children. Many children walk with bare feet and do not have proper shoes and clothing to protect them from the cold.

Even so many of these children cannot afford to buy books, notebooks, and stationary, and yet they are busy studying in such unbelievable conditions.

But, what education? An education that only goes up to the sixth grade, and the children must go to the city to continue their studies at a later stage, which is not possible for most families, and the sixth grade is an end of the education for many students who, due to poverty and deprivation, are forced to leave the school and await another fate!

Source » ncr-iran