The Yemeni National Army forces announced Arab Coalition forces downing a Houthi drone on Wednesday west of the key coastal province, Hodiedah.

Arab Coalition air forces said that the drone was downed east of Khokha district in Hodiedah and was Iran-made.

The drone is said to have been carrying explosives, corroborating the claims of terror threats existing due to Iran’s continued supplying of arms and ammunition to Houthi coupists.

Iran is accused of having specifically supplied the Houthi militants with drones used to attack Saudi Arabia and threaten Red Sea navigation.

On another hand, many Houthi coup militiamen were killed and others injured on multiple battlefronts against army and pro-government forces.

Some Houthi militants were killed by raids staged by the Saudi-led Arab Coalition.

The bloodiest battles took place south of Hodeidah, Houthi-held Saada province, Yemen’s central Al Bayda province, eastern Sanaa, and Nihm province.

“National Army raids leveled Houthi barracks and concentrations in a number of areas west of Zabid Directorate and east of Tahita Directorate, and south of Hodeidah,” a national army source said.

After entering the war at the request of President Abdrabu Mansur Hadi on March 26, 2015, a Saudi-led coalition has helped pro-government forces to retake much of the territory captured by Iran-backed Houthis. However, Sanaa remains under coupist control.

A state of confusion has spread across Houthi ranks as reports mentioned formation disbanding with heavy losses taking place in Hodeidah. The death of Houthi prominent leaders in battle has also caused low morale among combatants on battlefronts.

Coup militias acknowledged the death one of its prominent leaders, Issa al-Ka’dah, in battles fought against army forces in Al Bayda province.

Al-Ka’dah operated under the alias “Abu Qasef, and the coup’s self-proclaimed defense ministry confirmed his death in a statement.

Source » aawsat