On the eve of the International Day against the Death Penalty, the Iranians and supporters of the Iranian Resistance staged rally in front of the Norwegian Parliament condemning the executions carried out by the Iran regime.

The speakers also condemned the Iranian regime’s involvement in the region as well as its support for the terrorist groups calling for opposing such interference. The protesters were holding placards on which was written, “The perpetrators of the massacre of 1988 should be tried.”

The Norwegian MP from the Socialist party, Peter Eide, in his remarks, condemned the medieval tortures inflicted by the Iranian regime such as death penalty. He stated that he will pursue the Iran’s human rights’ violations in the Norwegian Parliament and also the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The member of Foreign Committee of the Norwegian Parliament, Eirik Sivertsen stressed on the sacred right of living, mentioned in the charter of the U.N. stating that the executions carried out by the Iranian regime are unacceptable. He further emphasized the importance of the struggle to abolish the death penalty.

The representative of the National Resistance of Iran in Nordic countries, Parviz Khazaei stated that different countries of the world, including Norway, must exert political, diplomatic, and economic pressures on the Iranian regime which is a potential threat to the world and the enemy of humanity.

The co-founder and one of the directors of Amnesty International of Norway, Ms. Kari Storhaug called for the trial of perpetrators of the 1988 Massacre, stating that this is the absolute right of the families to be notified of their beloveds’ graves.

The former Norwegian MP, Ingvar Godal expressed his support for the litigation movement to try the perpetrators of the massacre of 1988. The representative of the Revolutionary Khabat Organization of the Iranian Kurdistan, Ali Bahrami also expressed support as well.

On the International Day against the Death Penalty, Mohammad Sadat Khansari also stated, “We have gathered here to support the Justice – Seeking movement. We call on the Norwegian government to recognize the massacre of 1988 as the crime against humanity. The Iranians wish that this religious tyranny topples”.

Source » ncr-iran