Ten months ago, protests broke out across Iran. The protests and anti-government demonstrations spread like wildfire and it soon became clear that the unrest has been very different to any other period of unrest in the country’s history. The people are continuing to protest and they are making loud and clear calls for regime change.

The people of Iran have strongly condemned and criticised the Iranian regime for the widespread corruption and funding of terrorism that has destroyed the country’s economy. They have called on the regime to leave Syria and to concentrate on pressing domestic issues.

Part of the problem with the Iranian regime is that it has never really been held accountable by the international community for its actions. The previous U.S. administration under Barack Obama led policies of appeasement that were apparently supposed to moderate the regime’s behaviour. This spectacularly failed because the regime became emboldened because it was allowed to do as it pleased, knowing that there would be no repercussions.

However, when President Trump took office, he vowed to counter the Iran threat and promised that the regime would not be left to continue on its destructive path. His administration has taken decisive action to aggressively cut the regime off from the funds it is using to finance terrorist activities across the Middle East and beyond.

This has mainly been in the form of harsh economic sanctions that began to show an effect almost immediately after they were announced and again when they took effect. The next round of sanctions – the harshest ones to date – are due to take effect at the beginning of next month. It is clear that President Trump is taking the opposite approach to his predecessor and is not turning a blind eye to Iran’s malign activities.

The Iranian regime is becoming increasingly desperate faced with the economic pressure from abroad as well as the domestic pressure it is under and it is reacting in the most predictable way. Firstly, it is dealing with international pressure by issuing threats to its enemies. It was reported a few days ago that Iran had launched ballistic missiles bearing the slogans “Death to America” and “Death to Israel”. Secondly, the regime is threatening the protesters and taking steps to cut down on the number of people taking to the street. It has said that protesting truck drivers will be arrested, put in jail and possibly executed.

Far from dissuading the people of Iran from taking to the streets, it is in fact making the people even more determined in their quest for regime change. They know that regime change is their only chance of ever achieving freedom, democracy and human rights.

The Iranian Resistance is playing a major role in the organisation of protests in the country. It is supporting the people and encouraging them to bravely play a part in making the future brighter – not just for the people of Iran but also for the millions of people outside its borders who are also victims of the Iranian regime.

Source » ncr-iran