To understand Iran’s politico-economic quagmire, one must note that political and economic crises change quality when they cross a point in their quantitative growth process, and if they are not answered in time, they become irreversible.

A significant point in these crises is their political character, which is an irreversible phase that becomes a blind knot. Blind knots in the world of politics go to major surgeries.

Such a situation has become the de facto coordinate of the mullahs’ system in Iran. The economic blind knot, which entirety is covered by the politics and religion of the ruling class, has gripped the clerical regime.

Therefore, any surgery in the political body of the country to get out of this situation, or to open this blind knot, will destabilize the balance of power against the regime, which is facing public anger from all corners.

Now to the fuel of such a conflict is constantly added in appreciation, and for the regime, there is no chance to escape from the moment of an inevitable exploding of the society.

Signs of such an inevitable moment of anti-regime anger has become so obvious that the state-run daily Arman was forced to express itself in such a way about it:

“If the nation reaches a point where it has nothing to lose, such a nation becomes unpredictable.” (State-run daily Arman, October 12, 2021)

The blind knot indicators of the politicized economy in the mullahs’ religious system and its irreversibility lay siege to the regime. They are not ‘defeatable’ and ‘are no joking matter’:

“Iran’s country officials must admit that poverty is not a joke. Officials must admit that Iran’s economic, cultural, and political realities are not defeatable today! Officials must admit that people with their five senses feel they will be impoverished in the process of time.” (State-run daily Arman, October 12, 2021)

The long and widespread class war in Iran has made the public aware of the ‘way and manner of governance’ of the regime’s governments. The people are no longer scared about the regime’s threats, and they consider the ruling mullahs as those ‘who care pitches and basin, and cannot provide the people’s food.’

In parallel to the people’s awareness they are chanting, ‘Our enemy is right here, they lie when they say it’s America.’ They consider the only one responsible for their bleak situation to be the ruling mullahs and their ‘method and manner of governance.’

“The nation’s question has been why despite this volume of natural wealth such as oil, gas and, etc., their economy, livelihoods, and welfare suffered from such major problems? Their more important question is whether the method and manner of governance does not cause the realities of today?!” (State-run daily Arman, October 12, 2021)

Finally, after 42 years, even this state daily is forced to attack the mullahs’ reactionary art of thought and governance for having destroyed the country with their, ‘illusions and fantasies’ and it reminds them that the ‘present world’ is working differently:

“Today’s world is a world of falling illusions and fantasies. Today’s world is not a supernatural world! Today’s world is the world of numbers and statistics.” (State-run daily Arman, October 12, 2021)

The reality is that the conflict between the realities of the society and the demands of the modern people with an ethnic group who raised up from the Middle Ages in that illusions, criminality, repression, and exploitation is its daily weapons, is continuing in Iran since its presence and dominance over the country’s rule, without the possibility of its end is imaginable, only once this regime is overthrown.

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