Israel’s decision to evacuate Sderot this week and also 28 communities on the northern border, has raised eyebrows in pro-Iranian media. Al-Mayadeen media, which is pro-Iran, has celebrated this turn of events. This is important because the attack by Hamas on October 7 was designed to strike at 29 points and attack 20 communities. However, it is unlikely Hamas believed it could take most of those areas, rather it wanted to entrench in one or two and claim “victory.” In general Hamas members went back to Gaza after the attack, although many were also killed in fighting.

Now Al-Mayadeen has continued to claim propaganda victories for what Iran calls the “resistance.” This includes their view that Iran and its proxies are making progress. Evacuations in Israel are one example of where the pro-Iran media is touting this development as a success. In past wars Israel did not evacuate so many communities. In fact generally Sderot was held up as an example of steadfastness in front of rocket fire.
Using Hezbollah’s attacks as propaganda

Al-Mayadeen’s reports also use Hezbollah’s attacks on Israel on Sunday as propaganda. They claim Hezbollah carried out an attack near Hanita and claim that Hezbollah attacked technical equipment and a camera” near Metulla. This would appear to be similar to claims Hamas attacked observation posts before its October 7 mass attack. Meanwhile Iran-backed Palestinian Islamic Jihad has also put out a statement threatening Israel and warning against a ground incursion into Gaza.

On another front Iranian media also accused Israel of a second airstrike in Aleppo. “Recently, Israel is focusing on stopping the operation of the Aleppo airport. The reason for this (Israeli attacks on Aleppo airport) is, on the one hand, the importance of the city of Aleppo – geographically, economically, etc. – and on the other hand, attention should be paid to the role and place of Aleppo in the Syrian war. Aleppo was the golden key to the failure of the project of the final disintegration of Syria. For this reason, Israel is constantly trying to disrupt the communication channels of Aleppo,” Tasnim News said.

Taken together the reports in Iranian media and pro-Iran media now sketch out three or four fronts. This is part of Iran’s effort to unify various “arenas” against Israel. Iran has successfully encouraged Hamas to attack Israel and pledged further cooperation; it has also been meeting with Hezbollah.

The articles also discuss Syria and PIJ, meaning this could also affect the West Bank. Iran’s Foreign Minister Hossein Amirabdollahian, for instance, told reporters in Beirut that Hezbollah “has taken all the scenarios of a war into consideration and Israel should stop its attacks on Gaza as soon as possible,” according to the Associated Press.

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