The outspoken leader of Iran’s Sunnis has contradicted the government, stating that the obliteration of Palestinians and Israel’s annihilation are unattainable.

Mowlavi Abdolhamid, the Friday Prayer Imam in Zahedan, used his weekly sermon to condemn attacks on civilians without specifically mentioning the militant group Hamas. He stressed that blind allegiance to Islamic groups does not have his approval, affirming, “Extremism from any quarter, when it entails harm to people or children, is unacceptable to us.”

Simultaneously, he expressed concern about the current humanitarian situation in Gaza as a consequence of Israel’s response to the attacks. The Sunni leader endorsed the concept of a two-state solution for the Palestinian issue, emphasizing the need for a just resolution to the current crisis.

He added, “The reality is that neither Muslims nor Israel, can achieve the destruction of the other one. It’s an unattainable goal. Why resort to force when the objective is unattainable?”

His remarks stand in contrast to the stance of the Islamic Republic, which has consistently advocated for the “destruction” of Israel, effectively rejecting the notion of a two-state solution.

In a 2011 conference in Tehran, Iran’s ruler Ali Khamenei declared, “Any plan that seeks to divide Palestine is destined for failure.”

Iranian authorities exploit every opportunity to underscore the imperative of Israel’s “destruction,” a slogan that has been accompanied by substantial financial support for militant groups like Hamas and Hezbollah.

However, in the wake of widespread global criticism of Hamas’s attack on Israeli territory, Ali Khamenei distanced Iran from the surprising assault in his initial official response.

Source » iranintl