According to Saeed Nemaki, Minister of Health and Medical Education, 44% of the country’s unemployed have bachelor degrees and even post graduates. On Wednesday, October 16th, at the inauguration of the new academic year at the country’s universities, Namaki said that the reason for the high unemployment rate of university graduates was “the regime’s lack of attention and neglect of the job market and a review and revision of the university training structure.”

He said: “For example, during my visit to the Kurdistan Dental faculty, I saw that the dental services had not reached the villages of Kurdistan and no woman over the age of 30 in the villages had been tended to and so there wasn’t one who did not have dentures. This is proof that the dental school had not reached the village at all.” He added: “Unfortunately, a student who has gone through schooling as an elite young individual is looking for a job and we simply have not created jobs for them because we did not think about their place of employment when we were taking on student applicants, and this is a major problem.”

Source » thefreeiranian