Education Minister Naftali Bennett (Jewish Home) educated rapt listeners at the Christian Media Summit that took place in Jerusalem today (Wednesday). He spoke about the relative threats emanating from North Korea and Iran, and offered his vision how to neutralize the threat.

“North Korea has a certain nuclear arsenal, not huge, and North Korea’s not a very powerful nation. Iran is huge. And it’s based, by the way on a great amazing nation of Persians,” Bennett said. “If only the regime would walk away, we’d have an amazing relationship with an ancient nation. But these guys are strong.”

“The last point I want to make is the current deal, the President Trump now announced that he’s not certifying, is bad in the following sense, it’s a false paradise. It gives you a false sense of security because everyone says they’re not enriching uranium.

“I just want to leave you with this analogy: There’s building a nuclear weapon manually, imagine, before the industrial revolution – and then there’s building a huge machine that can produce dozens and dozes of nuclear weapons. Iran’s goal is not to acquire a nuclear weapon. Iran’s goal is, within the box of this agreement to build a huge factory, if you will, that the moment you press the button, it’ll produce very quickly an arsenal of dozens of nuclear weapons within a month.

“The current agreement does not allow them to press the button. It allows them, in fact it encourages them, if you will, to build that machine. Now, their goal though, is to build that machine legitimately, and then they have just one month of breakout, and they’ll wait for an opportune moment, press the button.

“So the fact that right now they’re not building one nuclear bomb is not ‘good’. It’s bad because they’re building a machine that will turn them into a mega-superpower. We cannot allow them to build that machine. And that’s what President Trump did, and I certainly applaud him for that. It’s the beginning.

“We have to force Iran into a very clear decision: Either you pursue your nuclear plan, or you have a viable economy. You can’t have both.”

Source » israelnationalnews