Iran has the third or fourth largest oil reserves, the second largest gas reserves, and is in the top 15 mineral producing countries in the world, but only 1% of the world’s population. This should make the country and its people rich, but according to Iran Human Rights Monitor, over 80% of Iranians live below the poverty line and the middle class has all but disappeared.

The absolute poverty rate in Iran, where families are living on less than $460, has skyrocketed from 12% in 2017 to 50% this year.

Now, 19 million Iranians live in slums, 7.4 million children are being denied an education, 25% of the young people are unemployed, workers have lost 75% of their purchasing power, and more than 1,000 children under the age of three are abandoned every year. These are just some of the consequences of rampant poverty.

This has led many Iranians to sell their organs, or even their unborn children, in order to make ends meet. It has also led to an increased level of child labour and more homeless people.

One regime official recently admitted: “The government and its officials are faced with a 60-million strong populations that is on the verge of absolute famine. This is not a joke—it’s the bitter truth. We must take it seriously.”

Yet, the state-run media tries to put a positive spin on the news, even as the terms “line of poverty” and “absolute poverty” become commonplace.

Follow the money

So, where is the money from this oil-rich, gas-rich, and mineral-rich country going, if not to help the Iranian people? Simply, to support the Iranian Regime’s malign behaviours; meddling in the affairs of its neighbouring countries, increasing production of nuclear and ballistic missiles, and strengthening its military and security forces in order to continue its violent crackdown on the Iranian people who protest against the Regime’s behaviour.

According to the official figures from the Iranian Regime, Iran received $66 billion from oil exports and $32.3 billion in non-oil exports during 2017. That’s a total of $95.3 billion.

Well, every year Iran spends $15-20 billion to keep the war in Syria going, $25-30 billion on its weapons of mass destruction, and $100 million per year to support terrorist factions like Hamas and Hezbollah. The money is all wasted on the Regime’s foreign misadventures and warmongering, leaving the Iranian people to live (and die) in poverty.

Source » ncr-iran