The five-week-old antigovernment protests in Iran continued Tuesday with university students staging demonstrations across the country.

Students at various universities in Tehran, Shiraz, Gilan and Mazandaran gathered and chanted slogans against the Islamic Republic.

Reports say in Tehran’s Kharazmi University, officials prevented male and female students from eating together at the canteen, but the students took their food to the courtyard to show their anger at gender discrimination.

Students at Beheshti University in northern Tehran also defied the Islamic Republic’s rules and ate lunch together. Gender segregation in many public places has been a hallmark of the clerical regime’s enforcement of its interpretation of Islamic rules.

A video received by Iran International shows that the students of Allameh University in northern Tehran chanted “Shameless, Shameless” against the government spokesman Ali Bahadori Jahromi who was there to give a speech.

In Gilan University, students gathered and chanted “No headscarves, No discrimination, Freedom and Equality.”

Similar protests were also reported in Shiraz and Mazandaran provinces.

Meanwhile, the school students kept up with their routine protests on Tuesday. A video from a school in Tehran shows the students ask drivers in the streets to chant their slogans instead.

Source » iranintl