Guadalupe welcomed the Iranian private sector’s investment in medicine and health, mining, gas, and petrochemical projects, the portal of ICCIMA reported.

During the meeting, Shafeie also pointed to Bolivia’s recent economic reforms and said: “The [Bolivian] government has pursued reforms in the oil and agricultural industries that have had significant results.”

“Given that Bolivia has abundant gas resources, it has always been of interest to its neighbors in the Latin American region,” he added.

He referred to the agreement between Iran, Venezuela, and Bolivia in the field of the oil and gas industry, and noted that this agreement has not been properly implemented.

Shafeie further mentioned Bolivia’s good potentials in the mining sector and noted the country could benefit from Iran’s capabilities in this area.

According to the official, Iranian and Bolivian agricultural products are also complementary, so joint projects can be defined in this field as well.

The ICCIMA head emphasized the investment of Iranian companies in Bolivia, especially in the field of health, and said: “Years ago, the two countries started good cooperation and even Iranian investors were able to establish a clinic in this country; Unfortunately, these collaborations gradually diminished.”

He praised the political relations between the two countries and continued: “Considering that the two countries have good political relations, we should try to improve the level of economic and trade relations between them accordingly.”

Elsewhere in the meeting, Guadalupe pointed to the agreements reached between the two countries in the past and specified: “The most important area of cooperation between Iran and Bolivia is related to a mineral called lithium, which has huge reserves in Bolivia.”

She also referred to the Bolivian government’s strategy to become an energy hub in the region, adding that her government is defining major projects in gas, mining, and petrochemicals in which Iranian investors can participate.

“Small and medium-sized industries may cover a large part of the country’s economy; But the plan is to create and strengthen large industries,” she stressed.

Source » tehrantimes