On Wednesday, October 18, the Iranian regime’s Intelligence Office in the city of Abadan arrested a 15-year-old student girl. According to reports, this student girl is named Maedeh Shabani Nezhad and is studying at the high school first grade.

The intelligence agents after the siege of the Shabani house and its inspection, went to the girl’s school, arrested her and took her away.

The relatives of this teenage girl said that the Information Office of Abadan told her family that they have orders to arrest the girl and introduce her to the Ahwaz news (intelligence) headquarters. The girl is still in the custody of the Intelligence Office.

The father of Maedeh Shabani Nejad, Shahid Shabani Nejad, is a poet and a member of the Al-Hawar (Dialogue) Cultural Institute.

He had gone to Iraq to seek refuge in 2008 before members of the Institute were detained. Shahid Shabani was sentenced to five years in prison after being subjected to physical and psychological torture and illness at the Detention Center of the city of al-Amara, in Iraq, on charges of illegally entering Iraq.

In 2010, the UN High Commissioner for Refugees in Iraq, after the interview, recognized Shahid Shabani Nejad as a refugee. However, in March 2010, Shabani Nejad was handed over to the authorities of the Iranian regime on the border of Shalamcheh by Iraqi authorities and immediately arrested but later released on bail. After his release from the prison on bail, he left the country in 2016.

The pressure of the security authorities on this family and the arrest of their daughter is intended to force Shahid Shabani Nejad to return to Iran.

Source » ncr-iran