Are Greek tankers delivering Venezuelan oil products controlled by Iran to the U.S., Europe and the Far east?

According to the National review (12 October), Iran and Venezuela are circumventing American energy sanctions. The article emphasizes that in July 2020, Iran took control over the El Palito refinery from Venezuelan government as payment for the Iranian oil delivered to Venezuela in recent months.

A monitoring of tanker movements from El Palito oil terminal abroad shows that since July 2020, Greek owned tankers are taking oil products from the El Palito oil terminal to destinations in the US, Europe and the far east (see table below).

Based on the origin of the oil, the oil production capability of each of the two countries and the distance the tankers traversed, it is safe to assume that the tankers are carrying a cargo of oil products and not crude.

The tankers behavior at sea as reflected from the data appears to be inaccurate and misleading. Particularly, the quoted draft does not make any sense.

As we see it, it’s important to verify, whether Greek tankers are delivering Iranian controlled Venezuelan oil to destinations in the US, Belgium, the Netherlands, India, Philippines, Italy and more…

Moreover, does the cargo include only oil products or other commodities that can be smuggled from Venezuela, especially seeing as the players are Iran, the corrupted Venezuela regime and Greek shipowners.

E Pioneer9278686E Tankers maritime co. LTDGreece14/10/2020On the way to the Philippines
Agioi Fanendes9798375Eastern Mediterranean MTME -LIEGreece03/10/2020On the way to Gibraltar
Ariel9252955Product Shipping and Trading SAGreece15/09/2020Galveston30/09/2020
New Paros9187772New Shipping Ltd – LibGreece02/09/2020on the way to Port Said
La Bohem9314167Product Shipping and Trading SAGreece29/08/2020Antwerp29/09/2020
Gemma9808314Super-Eco Tankers Mgmt Inc- LibGreece22/08/2020Sarroch20/09/2020
Elaia9798363Eastern Mediterranean MTME -LIEGreece17/08/2020Netherlands06/09/2020
Chance9178068Eastern Mediterranean MTME -LIEGreece03/08/2020Sikka05/09/2020
Atlas9538177Super-Eco Tankers Mgmt Inc- LibGreece29/07/2020Antwerp30/08/2020


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