Iran massive air defense drill to cover “half the country”

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Iran Air

Iran Air

Iran says that it is conducting a massive air defense drill that will cover half of Iran’s airspace this week. It will begin on Wednesday and comes in the wake of a joint Israel F-35 drill with the US. It comes in the context of increased focus on air defense in the region after Azerbaijan has used drones successfully against Armenian forces for the last three weeks of fighting. An arms embargo on Iran recently expired and the country is looking to improve its military and defense technology.

Iran’s Tasnim news says that the new drill with air defense units is aimed at “improving the combat readiness and increasing the air defense capability of the Armed Forces and is one of the goals of holding a joint specialized air defense exercise for the 99th Sky Defenders of the provinces.” The operation will take place as if it is a “real battle.”

In the drill, the network-based operation will coordinate air defense units, including using locally-produced missiles and radar. Iran says it is one of the leaders in missile and radar technology. Iran will also use electronic warfare and visual intelligence systems to track the “threats” during the drill. Iran has recently been trying to improve its defenses against drones. This is assumed to be due to Iran believing that its adversaries have stealth drone technology. Iran long ago downed a US Sentinel drone in 2011 so the country is familiar with some of the kinds of drones that might be conducting surveillance over the country.

The goal of this drill, Iran says, is to test real-time air defense using the latest technology. It will be designed to stop both drones and enemy bombers. Iran says it is observing its enemies and learning from them about the kinds of threats it faces. Iran shot down a US Global Hawk drone last year and it has increasingly sought to export air defense to Syria and Yemen.

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