Iran’s president Ebrahim Raisi has been in office for two months. He had given many promises to the people to change their living conditions from employment, wages, housing, education to the speedup of the vaccination.

Maybe it is now too early to analyze his record just after two months, but what we are now witnessing is anything other than progress in the people’s lives and the country’s conditions. Even in such a short time, the regime’s behavior speaks volumes about a situation that will become worse.

Raisi’s promise to build one million houses has not been fulfilled. But government agents in many cities are destroying the primitive shelters of the extremely poor people in the margins of the metropoles and adding to the country’s army of the homeless.

Destroyed houses in deprived areas such as Sefidak of Zahedan, which has been destroyed only because of their proximity to potentially valuable mines and of great importance to the regime’s Revolutionary Guards (IRGC).
The brutal destruction of people’s houses in Rafsanjan, Amini Square by the municipality and special guards.
Demolition of 750 constructions in Tapeh Sabz of Dokuhak and Qalat of Shiraz, by Jihad of Construction and municipal officials.
Demolition of a two-story residential unit in area one of Khorramabad municipality of Lorestan.
Demolition of several shelters for deprived people in Laleh of Tabriz by municipal officials
The destruction of the shed and shelter of the deprived people in Mollah Sadra of Qom, by the municipality and police officers, which led to clashes between them and the people. In this clash, a car of municipal officials was set on fire and the people surrounded the officers and blocked their way out. They were able to open their way out with the arrival of the special forces unit and plainclothes agents of the municipality and the beating of the people.

These are just a few of many examples which leaked to social media and showed a glimpse of what’s to be expected from Raisi’s upcoming record.

Although during Hassan Rouhani’s term, municipal officials did the same thing which is the regime’s micropolitics and is not dependent on any government and president, the government of Ebrahim Raisi continues this with even with greater intensity, as the regime’s supreme leader Ali Khamenei needs repression to prevent a popular uprising.
Ebrahim Raisi’s other record

– The price of bread, which is the people’s most basic food item, increased up to 40%.
– The price of the 40 items of basic commodities is still rising.
– The 200,000 tomans electricity bill has now exceeded several million tomans, and it is still going up.
– Housing rents have increased by 24 to 46 percent in the summer alone.
– The price of one egg has increased and reached 2,000 tomans.
– The price of milk in September and October of this year has increased from 13,000 tomans to 15,700 tomans.
– One US dollar has now reached above 27,000 tomans, and it is on the rise towards 30,000 tomans.
– Inflation has reached about 40%.
– Liquidity has grown by 40% and its amount is exceeding 4 trillion tomans.
– Fiat money printing continues. According to economic experts, during these years, the government has continuously used the Central Bank as a money printing machine for fiat money to fill the terrible holes of revenue and budget deficit and thus has become the main factor in the huge growth of liquidity in the country.
– According to the World Bank, the growth of liquidity has doubled in the last three years alone, thus has imposed inflation of above 40% on the livelihood basket of deprived people in Iran.
– According to the World Bank, Iran’s gross domestic product (GDP) will not witness any progress after it is dramatic statistics in 2018 and 2019 and will be only at 1.66 percent in this year and 2022.

Peyman Molaei, Secretary-General of the Government Association of Economists of Iran, referring to the World Bank report, said that Iran’s GDP has fallen freely, to compensate for which we need at least 10 consecutive years of economic growth, which should grow by 6%.

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