The Islamic Republic of Iran has the capacity to produce 90 per cent of its military needs, a spokesman for the Iranian foreign ministry said.

“Iran has achieved a great victory with the end of the arms embargo forever… The American threats to impose sanctions on any country that deals with Iran is a failure and will be futile,” Saeed Khatibzadeh told reporters on Monday, pointing out that Iran could restore its activities with other countries in the field of armaments within the framework of international agreements.

“We are committed to defending our sovereignty, and the Americans fear Iran’s return to the military armament market… We have the ability to produce 90 per cent of our military needs,” he said.

According to the Iranian official, the United States has not yet changed its aggressive policies towards the Iranian people, adding that the US President, Donald Trump’s claims that he is willing to negotiate were “only for domestic consumption”.

Source » middleeastmonitor