A Tehran appeals court confirmed the three year prison sentence for jailed Twitter activist Mehrdad Mohammadnejad.

According to the Campaign in Defense of Political Prisoners, the 23 year old economy student was charged with “insulting officials and agents” and “spreading propaganda against” the regime.

The report said that Mehrdad Mohammadnejad is professional boxer and was detained due to his activities on Twitter.

According to an informed source, Mehrdad went to university three times a week and spent the rest of his week trying to make money for his tuition.

The source said he worked as a delivery boy for a restaurant in Tehran.

He was detained in his home on October 21, 2018 after agents of the intelligence agency raided his home in Shahriar, western Tehran.

On the day of his arrest, Mehrdad Mohammadnejad was to go to the restaurant at 12 pm. His mother asked him not to leave the house until then, so she could pick up his younger brother from school. When his mother got back, her home was ransacked and Mehrdad was nowhere to be found.

“His family did not know his whereabouts for a few days until Mehrdad called his elder brother and said that he was detained by the intelligence agency”, the source added.

The agents came to his home in four cars and severely beat Mehrdad Mohammadnejad before detaining him.

They also confiscated tablets, cellphones, books and documents.

Mehrdad was taken to Tehran’s notorious Evin Prison where he has been for the past year.

The Iranian regime systematically detains, tortures and prosecutes Iranians who voice their dissent through social media platforms.

The most well-known example was Sattar Beheshti, an Iranian blogger who died in custody early November 2012 several days after being arrested by the Iranian Cyber Police unit for criticizing the regime on Facebook, and after making a signed complaint of being tortured while in custody.

Source » irannewswire