Iranians hold over 9 protests to express economic woes

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Razi Petrochemical Company (RPC)

Razi Petrochemical Company (RPC)

Iranians held at least nine protests in two days to express their economic woes specially to demand their unpaid wages.

On Sunday and Monday, Iranians in Tehran gathered to protest the regime’s “family laws” outside the Islamic Consultative Assembly Building, while party and wedding hall owners and employees gathered outside the Tehran Guilds Chamber. In Dehdasht, southwestern Iran, firefighters gathered outside their office building to demand their unpaid wages. Oil industry pensioners gathered in Ahwaz, southwestern Iran, and Isfahan, central Iran to express their economic grievances while defrauded car buyers gathered in East Azerbaijan, northwestern Iran to demand their cars.

Beetroot farmers gathered in Naqadeh, northwestern Iran outside the Soldoz Sugar Factory because the factory did not hold its end of the contract and has not paid the farmers. A group of Razi Petrochemical Company workers in Mahshahr, southwestern Iran also gathered outside the company building to demand their wages.

Wedding hall owners protest shutdown

According to the state-run ILNA News Agency, about 40 wedding hall owners and employees gathered outside the Tehran Guilds Chamber building on Monday to protest the shutdown of their halls due to COVID-19 regulations. According to the head of the Wedding Hall Union, wedding hall employees have become unemployed in addition to bridal gown vendors and wedding photographers.

“It has been about nine months that wedding halls have been shut down, and hall owners do not have any other source of income,” he added.

Firefighters demand unpaid wages

On Sunday, firefighters in the southwestern city of Dehdasht gathered in protest to demand their unpaid wages. They said they had not received three months of their wages.

“It has been two years that I developed asthma due to work conditions. We have not received overtime payment and now it has been three months that we have not been paid our basic wages,” a firefighter said.

Oil Pensioners demand their pensions

Oil pensioners in Ahwaz and Isfahan gathered to protest changes to the Oil Pension Fund Code, which has robbed pensioners of a part of their salaries.

Abdulsaheb Ghalebi, the pensioners’ representative told Naft Online website that because pensioners were “vulnerable, elderly and ailing” and their children are unemployed, they cannot make ends meet when they do not receive their pension.

Defrauded car buyers demand their cars

In Tabriz, defrauded Azvico car buyers gathered on Monday outside the Industry, Mine and Trade Organization to demand their undelivered cars. The company has yet to deliver 6,000 cars bought by its customers three years ago.

Livestock farmers going bankrupt from government mismanagement

Livestock farmers gathered on October 19 outside the Judiciary in Tehran to protest the lack of and high prices of feed. In a video of the protest gathering, a farmer said that the government was importing meat from Brazil instead of supporting Iran’s farmers.

Petrochemical workers demand wages

Petrochemical workers in Mahshahr, southwestern Iran gathered on October 19 to demand their unpaid wages.

On October 17, a large number of workers at the Parsian Gas Refinery Company in Lamerd, southwestern Iran, went on strike to demand four months of their unpaid wages.

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